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SEO is a word we all know but still as a technologically advanced nation do not engage its full potential. A good way to describe what an SEO technician does, is a bit like a librarian, they organise and arrange the data on and around your website so that it becomes easy to find for the next reader. As well as this the SEO technician will put a myriad of processes into place to help insure that your site becomes top of the pile when someone types a specific search term. To elaborate on that, if you can imagine all the amazing options the Internet now has on offer for the user, these are just some of the tools that the SEO technician has at his disposal, both in background development as well as front end user defined facilities. Here at Metakey we are trying to unravel the mystery and have laid out three options which can help any business boost it’s marketing potential. Unfortunately we can not give direct pricing for these services as each site is subject specific, which in turn amounts to hours of labour time. To work out your costs, we suggest you work out your budget for this specific marketing promotion, from there you can work out the percentage you want to spend on SEO. This is again business specific as it will depend on how important Internet Marketing is to your business success compared to other forms of marketing. Once you have a budget in mind give us a call, and we can discuss your needs further through a range of communication and meetings. To begin with take a look at our three options to see where your business is currently regarding your SEO arrangments.

1. Commission a full SEO Audit of your site:

This will include a full breakdown of your SEO map.

  • Key word analysis
  • Search Term Investigation
  • Location Support.
  • Site content Optimisation
  • Images Optimised
  • Search Term Cross Referencing.
  • Back links will be scrutinised
  • Investigated Competing SItes

The conclusion of this audit will provide you with a full plan for action on all of these points, including an estimate timeline and advisories for future promotion. This is a lot of work and investment but provides you with a blueprint of your existing site and it’s future optimisation and promotion.

2.Reactive Engagement:

This involves  an immediate intervention into the SEO development of your site, and includes the implementation of the outcomes addressed in the Audit with out the Audit record being produced. This is a reactive measure to SEO negligence which can produce the ranking results you require sooner as your site is made a priority contract.

3. Proactive Engagement:

Continuous SEO analysis and development. This is best suggested for the upkeep of your sites rankings once it has been optimised. All data is refreshed and debugged to alleviate down time. SEO Data is optimised in accordance with renewal of search engine algorithms. It will also include a full graphical breakdown of your visitor interest, click through rate and page dropouts which can be used to further develop the sites content, and of course it’s optimisation.

You can select either of these options to suit, but the general advice would be to service all three options in order, this equates to a thorough SEO design plan and implementation.

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