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If you have found yourself here, you have decided to begin collecting all the information required to start building your website. Here you will find the basic information that you will require to get you going.

Please remember that to have the website built is just half the job, and in order to have your website seen there will need to be a considerable amount of SEO (Search engine Optimisation), with out this your site is pretty useless at getting seen on the web. An important part of the SEO will be the data and information which you include on the site, and the main information you will need is as follows:

1. Name and address of company or business.

2.As many images you can provide of your business. Preferably in captured in high quality, and framed with a keen eye and good lighting!

3. Logo Design and Letter heading. If you have not had these designed yet we can do it for you.

4.Prefered methods of communication. 0845 numbers can be arranged if required and email addresses can be kept private.

5 Service: Please provide as much information as you can about your services. More detail here the better, as it will give your customer the information they require before they decide to get in touch. Include your pricing and terms of service. Opening Hours and Trade counter details are also a good idea. We like to really get under the skin of your business  as it helps us sell you to the world.

6.Payment and Booking. Payments can be arraged via the internet as well as booking systems which can be accessed, managed, and updated over the net,

7.Database: If you have a database which you would like access, this can be hosted with your website for multi location access and users.


When you think you have everything, just get in touch, by phone, or through the contact page.

If you would prefer to email us direct please direct your emails to info@metakey.co.uk

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